Review our checklist of equipment and clothing you should pack

We have equipment available to hire for your trip, if necessary – click for details


Waterproof duffle bag: 

To carry your main gear we recommend using a 90-100 L duffle bag. Max weight is 15 Kg.


to carry your own daypack. Volume 30-40L is sufficient.


waterproof cover or (and) dry bags.


Sleeping bag: 

4-season or -20 ºC sleeping bag and compression sack.

Sleeping bag liner: 

Things could be dirty so we recommend liner to keep the sleeping bag clean. The Liner also provides extra warmth.

Sleeping mat:

A sleeping mat will be provided, but if you’ll prefer an extra mat or a different one, you can take yours.


Sun hat: 

Preferably wide-brimmed for extra sun protection.

Warm hat: 

Any hat to cover the ears.

Buff or bandana:

It is very dusty while you descend. Use a buff or bandana to protect you from breathing dust is good idea. Also provide extra warmth while it is cold.


Choose a pair of high UV protection glasses cat 3-4.


A good headtorch is needed during the night, and especially when walking during darkness.


Hiking boots: 

Mid-weight hiking boots with ankle support. Well broken in to prevent blisters.


High heel gaiters, mostly to prevent dirt and derbis getting into the boots.


3-4 pairs of hiking socks and a pair of liner socks for extra warmth and blister protection.

Thick socks:

Warm socks for the summit at night.


Lightweight gloves: 

Some gloves for daily use. Merino or fleece gloves.


It gets really cold during the night at the summit. Heavy mittens should be able to go over your liner gloves. A safety strap is advised.

Trekking poles:

Trekking poles can reduce the impact on your joints by up to 20%.

Upper body

Thermal base layer: 

Merino wool is the best base layer.


Fast drying, moisture wicking

Long sleeved shirt:

Fast drying, moisture wicking, when is too sunny or breezy it’s a good idea to wear long sleeved shirt.


One lightweight and one warm polartec fleece.

Hardshell jacket:

Waterproof and windproof jacket. Goretex is the best but poncho will also be good.

Insulated jacket:

A synthetic or down jacket for the summit push.


Thermal base layer: 

Merino wool is the best base layer.

Hiking trousers: 

Hiking trousers for every day hiking, fast drying and weather resistant.

Hardshell trousers:

Waterproof and windproof trousers or over-trousers. Goretex material is the best.

General Accessories

Sun cream and lip balm: 

High UV protection SPF+50.

Toothbrush and toothpaste: 

Just small tube of toothpaste is sufficient.

Wet wipes:

It’s a really good idea to take antibacterial wet wipes to maintain good hand hygiene.

Ear plugs:

It could be noisy in camp, so ear plugs are recommended.

Personal snacks:

You’ll get sufficient meals, but you can take your favourite snacks just in case.


The best way to keep your memories alive. You can take pictures on the phone or Gopro, it’s your choice.

Spare batteries:

Don’t forget spare batteries for your camera, and also for your head torch.

Powerbank or solar charger:

Be sure to bring one to recharge your phone.

First aid kit and personal medication:

Imodium or any medication for diarrhoea, and also painkillers, blister plasters and plasters. Any other medication prescribed by your GP.

Water bottles:

Capacity to carry at least 2 litres of water. A neoprene cover is advisable to help insulate the bottle at higher elevations. Water bladder is good, but you’ll need a thermos or insulated bottle for summit nights. Water bladder will definitely freeze.

Luggage padlock:

To lock your luggage and duffel.

Mountain equipment rental

Prices in US$

Rucksack cover $5 /trip
Scarf $5 /trip
Sleeping bag $30 /trip
Socks $5 /trip
Summit pants (Ski pants) $15 /trip
Sun hat $10 /trip
Sunglasses $20 /trip
Thermal rest style mat $10 /trip
Thermal top $10 /trip
Thermal T-shirt $10 /trip
Thermal underwear $10 /trip
Walking poles (pair) $10 /trip
Walking T-shirt $10 /trip
Walking trousers $10 /trip
Warm hat $5 /trip
Water bottle 1 litre $5 /trip
Waterproof jacket $15 /trip
Waterproof trousers (windbreak) $15 /trip
Balaclava $5 /trip
Bandana $5 /trip
Binoculars $25 /trip
Camelback water bag $15 /trip
Crampons $25 /trip
Day pack cover $5 /trip
Down jacket $20 /trip
Duffel bag (waterproof 85 litre) $20 /trip
Fleece $5 /trip
Fleece jacket $10 /trip
Fleece trousers $10 /trip
Gaiters $10 /trip
Gloves $5 /trip
Glove liners $5 /trip
Head torch $15 /trip
Hiking boots $25 /trip
Neck warmer $5 /trip
Pillow $5 /trip
Poncho $15 /trip
Rucksack 70 litre $30 /trip