How it started

My name is David and I am the founder and owner of the travel agency Malaika Travel. Ever since my childhood when I was only quite small I have loved mountains and nature. I always liked being outside and I spend a lot of my spare time in the mountains, which I still do now. The older became, the higher the mountains I would climb. I also gained a lot of experience about tourism on mountains.

One of the mountains I climbed was Kilimanjaro. It was on this mountain that I discovered that I want to share my joy of mountaineering with others and make my hobby into a job. Being on the mountains makes me happy, and I want to help other people experience that too.

My goal is not only to fulfil your dreams, but it is also to fulfil the dreams of the people who help you with your aim of climbing Kilimanjaro. Our porters and guides. Every porter who has the potential to become a guide will have the courses paid for by me, so that they can also get one step closer to their dreams. I try to make sure that everyone who works for Malaika Travel knows that I care about them the same way that I care about my customers.

David and guide