Serengeti Wildebeest

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti has a vast number of various animals living there. It is one of the greatest wildlife destinations on Earth. One of the most famous animals here are the wildebeest. Their yearly migration is one of the things that make Serengeti so unique and popular. You have a chance of seeing all of the Big Five thanks to some black rhinos. However, the black rhinos are quite rare. The park is also known for its predators, especially its lions, and its birdwatching opportunities. There are over 500 bird species living here.

Seronera & the South

This park is easily accessed from Arusha and Mwanza. This part of the park is great for seeing wildlife. Around 300 lions live here as well as many leopards and cheetahs. Seronera is great for watching wildebeest during the wet season. It also has a great mixture of scenery and habitats.

Another key part of Seronera is the Seronera River, which is what a lot of safaris focus on. The plains west of the Seronera river are amazing if you want to see elephants, spotted hyenas and cheetahs.

Grumeti and the Western Corridor

The herd migrations usually pass through here. It is also home to the Grumeti River. When animals aren’t migrating, there are many lions and leopards around the river. The river is also full of hippos and giant crocodiles. There are lots of other places that you can visit here, such as the Kitunge Hills and the Ruana Plain.

Central Plains

This is not the best place to see wildlife, apart from when it is migration season. However, it is still worth visiting while you’re on your journey elsewhere. It is a wonderful area full of nature.

Mara River & the North

The north of Serengeti doesn’t receive many visitors in comparison to Seronera and the south. Elephants usually congregate here in the dry season and animals pass through this area during migration. In this part of Serengeti, you can find the Bologonya Hills, Bologonya River, Nyamalumbwa Hills and Mara River.

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