We recommend that you visit a travel clinic before your trip. They will advise you about all of the vaccination and antimalarial medication.


There are just squat dry toilets on the mountain. They are maintained and cleaned, but if you prefer to have own private toilet it is possible for $150 per toilet. One toilet can be shared with up to four people.


An ordinary tourist visa costs $50. The maximal duration for this visa is 90 days. You can pay for your visa on arrival, but you can also buy them in advance at the following website:

Fitness Level and Training

We recommend that you do cardio training and lot of uphill hiking. You can also walk up and down staircases. You should be able to walk at least 8 hours to be ready for summit day.

Altitude Sickness

If you have severe altitude sickness or you have to any other reason to descend earlier, you’ll be accompanied down, but you’ll have to pay all of the extra expenses such as transport and accommodation.


We strongly recommend getting hiking insurance and be sure to choose the correct insurance cover for hiking Kilimanjaro. Below are some examples of insurance companies:


There are many companies offering Kilimanjaro trips for a competitive price. I’m curious how some companies make climbing Kilimanjaro any cheaper while not cutting corners or not paying the crew the right salaries. I won’t tell you not to go for a cheaper trip, but I don’t believe that it is the best, most reliable option. With our company you are guaranteed the best service and you can be sure that your crew is fairly paid.